College Prep, Inc. was founded in 1991 because the conventional tutoring programs available at the time – in temporary facilities with crowded classrooms with students of mixed abilities – appeared to do nothing to help students and parents understand the complex maze of the college admissions process, much less go through it. College Prep began with the intention of serving as a more personal and effective counseling, resource, and tutoring center.

From the beginning, the response to the services we offered – school course selection, test and application strategies, and one-to-one counseling sessions – was tremendous. Parents appreciated our detailed guidance in a path that seemed at once vital and complex. Informed, they could now better and more confidently guide their children toward their goals. In our standardized test courses, students appreciated the difference as soon as they stepped into our classrooms: we offered smaller classes grouped according to ability for a more effective studying environment. In this setting, students thrived: they had more determination since they now knew how to prepare for the college or university of their choice. Another testament to our success is the fact that we have taught all the children in several families – attending College Prep became an expected milestone.

Looking back, we can hardly believe that more than twenty five years have gone by. The first students we taught are now our professional equals, graduated from prestigious colleges and universities, attending graduate schools, working as professionals, or also getting married and starting their families. We expect that many more students in the future will follow in their footsteps.