Isaac, Director








Isaac is the Founder and Director of College Prep. After graduating from Case Western Reserve University and attending Princeton Seminary, Isaac was working as a youth pastor when he discovered the joys of teaching. Spending time in the classroom and joking with his students are still the favorite parts of his job. He also enjoys counseling, clarifying for students and parents the intricacies of the college admissions process. When not in the office, Isaac enjoys cheering for his beloved Washington Redskins.
Sarah, Curriculum








Even before graduating from Georgetown University, Sarah worked at College Prep, designing and implementing the verbal curricula. Her favorite part of teaching is sharing with students the quirks of the English language (one of her favorite words is “defenestration”). She has a Master’s in Theological Studies from Wesley Seminary and studied at The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences of Harvard University. She can always be found carrying issues of Harper’s and The New Yorker magazines.
Jennifer, Teacher








During her three years at College Prep, Jennifer has drawn on her eclectic academic interests to teach and develop curriculum for both Reading and Mathematics. A native Californian, she studied history as an undergraduate and has a Master’s in International Economics from the University of San Francisco, where she discovered her passion for teaching while working as a TA. She especially enjoys helping her students develop confidence in the subjects they find most challenging. On her days off, Jennifer can be found reading The Economist, playing with her cats, and complaining about the weather in Virginia.
 Hannah, Teacher








Hannah is a proud Virginia Tech alumna who recently moved to Northern Virginia after completing a Ph.D. in inorganic chemistry. She has wanted to work as a teacher for as long as she can remember and is excited to begin her second season with College Prep. Outside of pondering the finer details of the periodic table, Hannah enjoys baking pies from scratch, tending to her growing collection of houseplants, and spending time with her rocket scientist husband.
Rob, Administration








Rob serves as the business manager and customer service adviser for College Prep. He works hard to ensure College Prep is meeting the needs of our students and the expectations of their parents. Working in the background, Rob has a broad and well rounded skill set that includes website design, programming, and marketing. In his spare time he is also a photography enthusiast, taking pictures while hiking the local parks and the Shenandoah.